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Beyond magical !!!!!!.......soil

So what are things really made up of? Well a typical answer will be molecules, atoms, subatomic particles, etc. Nuh uh, we ain't in a chemistry class. Everything that you see around you is actually made up of soil, except for those made from the other four elements. Yes you heard me right, yes soil what some people may want to rethink calling it dirt. Well now if you see the first answer, you are partially right by saying molecules, atoms, subatomic particles, since soil is also made up of them. But anyhow moving ahead with this amazing fact that we just learnt, soil is basically a mother to many.

The wooden chair that you sit on, the metal flask that you drink water from, the phone that you use and EVEN YOU ARE MADE FROM THE VERY SAME SOIL!!!!! Let me explain the last mindboggling fact to you.

Apple a day keeps a doctor away. When we plant an apple tree it is constantly nourished by the soil with different nutrients. Soon a bunch of apples start to grow and are constantly nourished by the soil. When its fully grown we harvest it to consume. thus the apple which originated from the seed sowed in the soil, being nourished constantly by the soil (and supported by the other four elements) is being digested by us. Now is the most interesting part, after getting digested and disintegrated it becomes a part of us!!!!

Another interesting fact is the capability of the very same soil to craft beautiful fruits and flowers of different colours and shapes.

Its magical, so magical that it continues to amaze me!!!!!

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