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OOOOOOOFF TO US and an A...............

I am so excited about the trip. I began my packing right in the morning. I kept my clothes, food, money, passport, phone and everything that I thought was important. Just a few hours from now, I would be flying in Emirates!!!! It has been a long time since I have travelled abroad. I was thrilled about my flight with my new friends on Emirates, and going to NASA.

Quickly after a quick lunch, we were on our way to the airport. All were excited and each shared their excitement by posting a pic on the group. Time did not seem to move fast. I wished that we had a hyperloop system so that we could reach Kempegowda International Airport faster. Not many seemed to be on the road.

On reaching, we met Ramitha ma’am, Aditya and his mom, Kavitha ma’am, Yasin Sir and waited for others to come. As Ikshu and Zainab arrived, we clicked the School Pic (above) for fb.

Surprise !...Right from the beginning of the trip…I did not expect that. Yasin Sir had got each one of us a travel pillow with our name printed on it!!!!

Waving our goodbyes to our parents, we Finally entered the airport. As I was checking in, the machine shut down unfortunately and Sir jokingly commented, “Rahu Kala must have started when you came to the check in counter”. To which I happily replied, “No Sir, it is already over”.

Next was our immigration and security check, which went by smoothly. The airport on the international side was pretty empty which surprised me. It was only our flight and 2 other Indigo flights. We gathered just before the duty-free shops to avoid blocking other passengers from moving to their gates and noted the instructions from Yasin Sir. Later we followed Ramitha ma’am to our gate. On our way to our gate, I could see expensive shops on one side and many planes and even our plane Emirates EK 567 parking at the gate. As we had time, I called my mum and spoke to her.

All of us felt hungry and Ramitha Ma’am treated us with noodles.

It was 8:00 and we walked quickly towards our gate and joined the boarding line.

As I adore planes and airlines, my luck had favoured me and I spotted Srilankan Air, Air Asia, Indigo and many others. As we began to take off, I was super excited. It was my first Emirates flight. A long-distance flight too after a long time. I sat with Aditya and a new friend Bryan from DPS, South. The plane was a huge Boeing 777 – 200 LR. The interiors were just as Sam Chui had described in his video reviews. It was just fantastic and a dream come true to be seated in Emirates.

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