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Where art meets science…………

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

I have always loved cooking. I feed my soul with the happiness that I get from cooking and the joy that people get when the eat the food that I prepared. But what makes me happy the most is the joy of seeing the raw materials being converted to something beautiful yet simple.

What amazes me even more is how all these raw materials which are of varied colours and shapes are nothing but created by the same soil that we see every day in our gardens. The very same soil produces an array of varieties. Wonder beyond wonder. Cooking is a process so beautiful that even the words above or even an infinite number of words cannot describe it.

Ok, yes, I do know the question in your head that has been bothering you till now. “Ok very well explained about cooking, but why did you start a mandala for cooking?”.

Well, I wanted to upgrade my skills in cooking and I recently learned that doing a mandala for anything helped a person in excelling at whatever their doing. At the end of the 48-day mandala it kinda sealed a deal for a person that he/she is good at the task they took up. And thus the 48-day mandala for cooking.

So, allow moi to guide you to my magical journey of mixing and matching different raw materials to make 48 magnificent dishes from around the world.



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