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Color Stain

Lead your ears to music, open your eyes to painting and...stop thinking!  - Waasily Kandinsky

Here are a few tips to an ichigo ichie experience while observing art.

  • Choose the art you want to see, it helps you to be clear on what you are looking for.

  • Take time at each painting, enjoy every detail of it, allow yourself to be absorbed in the canvas.

  • What story is the painting trying to tell?

  • What might have inspired the painter?

  • What emotions does the painting portray?

  • Is there anything here that I can connect to my life?

From the book, Ichigo Ichie - The art of making the most of every moment, the Japanese way.

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Please Note -

Price of paintings:

  • If you buy the painting as it is, the cost is mentioned with the paintings in the gallery below.

  • If you wish to convert the painting into a product, an additional cost for creating the product would be included.
    Products are:

  1. Framed picture

  2. Magnets

  3. Key holder frame

  4. Coasters

  5. Mouse pad

*Delivery charges would be at actuals.

10% of the proceedings will be going to the fund Infinity Roots in an aim to help people in different spheres of life.

Sandwich Frame



Key Holder



Mouse Pad

Let’s try something new!!! Explore, experiment, and experience each new moment of life!!!! Get out of your comfort zone. Medium: Watercolour Size: 8*8 (inches) Prize: ₹ 415.00

Πετριχώρ pet-tree-hor Petrichor is a poetic way of describing the smell of the earth after it has rained. The word is made up of the Greek petra, meaning ‘stone’, and īchōr, the blood of the gods in Greek mythology. (Greek) Medium: Watercolour Size: 4*4 (inches) Prize: ₹ 205.00

jump in the puddle Puddles can be compared to our daily challenges that we face. Just like we enjoy jumping in puddles on a rainy day, we can learn to enjoy every challenge that we have and get into a state of flow. Medium: Watercolour Size: 6*8 (inches) Price: ₹ 260.00

C’est la vie! Its life! (French) Medium: Watercolour Size: 16*12 (inches) Price: ₹ 600.00

The Three Macaweteers Macaws are the world’s most colourful birds in nature. Let’s take this inspiration from these macaws and add color to our life. Bring in joy and happiness and spread its wings to help in spreading this among our worlds. Medium: Watercolor Size: 10*14 (inches) Price: ₹ 560.00

Dolce far niente 1.Enjoy what you do the time you spend doing it the things you create 2.Work and plan as much as needed. 3.The key is to turn your brain off and think of nothing. (Italian) Medium: Watercolour Size: 12*8 (inches) Price: ₹ 575.00

Polepole Slowly….. (Swahili) Medium: Watercolour Size: 5*5 (inches) Prize: ₹ 240.00

Cupid A swan, with its elegant beauty and grace, tells you to be silent, graceful, and elegant as well. An encounter with a swan can also be taken as an omen that you will soon be meeting your soul mate and that you will be in a loving, trusting, and loyal relationship. Medium: Watercolour Size: 10*14 (inches) Price: ₹ 560.00

Timeless Beauty, wonder and longing….. Medium: Watercolour Size: 10*8 (inches) Prize: ₹ 325.00

Brasília The Tropical evergreen forests in Brazil, are famously called the heart of the Earth. Let’s stive to spread this all over the world by making our environment better than we found it. Medium: Watercolour Size: 8*6 (inches) Prize: ₹ 265.00

Kalon Beautiful… (Greek) Medium: Watercolour Size: 12*8 (inches) Price: ₹ 575.00

Cool in hot Herons flutter their throat muscles to increase evaporation, an action called gular fluttering. They droop their wings to allow air flow to help remove excess heat. Let’s take inspiration from herons and learn to keep cool in hot situations. Medium: Waterclour Size: 8*6 (inches) Price: ₹ 265.00

Change “Change is hardest at the beginning, messiest in the middle and best at the end.” ― Robin Sharma Medium: Watercolour Size: 10*8 (inches) Price: ₹ 325.00

Ow ya goin? Parakeets are originally from Australia. Ow ya goin is the aussie slang for how you are? Medium: Watercolour Size: 8*6 (inches) Price: ₹ 265.00

Putting a penny on Each clock has a pendulum that swings back and forth to control the movement of the hands. If the clocks happen to run fast, an English penny is added to the pendulums. On the other hand, if the clocks happen to run slow, an English penny is taken away from the pendulum. This practice is where the British idiom “putting a penny on” came from. Medium: Watercolour Size: 6*6 (inches) Price: ₹ 250.00

一期一会 Ichigo Ichie - enjoy every moment in life Once the Sakura zensen is fulfilled, the Japanese gather in all the parks to celebrate Hanami a celebration of nature & the renewal of life and hope. After sunset, they celebrate Yozakura, the night cherry blossom with lighting traditional lanterns that hang from the trees. Japanese look forward to this ichigo ichie moment. Medium: Watercolour Size: 14*12 (inches) Price: ₹ 1,200.00

Lindeza Everything is nice and pretty in this world, including the world itself!!!! (Portuguese) Medium: Watercolour Size: 8*6 (inches) Price: ₹ 265.00

Jameela Beautiful… (Swahili) Medium: Watercolour Size: 7*5 (inches) Price: ₹ 255.00

Furaha Happiness…. (Swahili) Medium: Watercolour Size: 7*5 (inches) Price: ₹ 255.00

Me and Me not “Vulnerability is the essence of romance. It's the art of being uncalculated, the willingness to look foolish, the courage to say, 'This is me, and I'm interested in you enough to show you my flaws with the hope that you may embrace me for all that I am but, more important, all that I am not.” ― Ashton Kutcher Medium: Watercolour Size: 6*8 (inches) Price: ₹ 260.00

ชีวิตชีวา Chee-wít chee-waa Full of life!!!! (Thai) Medium: Watercolour Size: 7*5 (inches) Price: ₹ 255.00

Creation “Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson Medium: Watercolour Size: 8*6 (inches) Price: ₹ 265.00

Yes “I was really good at saying no. I decided I was just going to say yes to any opportunity that came, no matter how crazy. And it changed my life.” – Mila Kunis Medium: Watercolour Size: 3*3 (inches) Price: ₹ 160.00

kupunga upepo Enjoying the cool summer breeze. Medium: Watercolour Size: 4*4 (inches) Price: ₹ 205.00

Amani Peace and tranquillity. Medium: Watercolour Size: 7*5 (inches) Price: ₹ 255.00

ปิดทองหลังพระ pid tong lang pra Putting a gold leaf on the back of the Buddha image. Do good acts without seeking attention or praises. (Thai) Medium: Watercolour Size: 4*6 (inches) ---------- SOLD-----------

Dwell in possibility Each moment has hundreds of possible branches that are created and dissolved when one is chosen whilst the many worlds witness this spectacular act. Medium: Watercolour Size: 7*5 (inches) Price: ₹ 255.00

The Mysterious Migrater The Blue Jays migrate in flocks but much about their migration remains a mystery. To add an element of magic to life, let our plans always remain a mystery. Medium: Watercolour Size: 8*6 (inches) Price: ₹ 265.00

Imagine Life of possibilities. Every leaf print shows a different possibility. The merging of colours shows us, how we can merge our emotions into a single colour. The circle emerges amongst its challenges victorious. Medium: Watercolour Size: 10*8 (inches) each Set of Three Price: ₹ 975.00

Closer to mum The countryside helps us open ourselves to mother nature and enjoy what she has in store for us. She reenergises us and makes us feel closer to home. Medium: Watercolour Size: 12*15 (inches) Prize: ₹ 725.00

οἶκος, οἰκία Domus The Greek buildings are made up of stone, mud, and volcanic materials with a darker color absorbing the heat. As white color is a reflector of heat, preserves the freshness and coolness inside, they whitewashed their houses. The mixture of Loulaki powder with lime produces the bright blue color, being easily affordable they painted their houses blue. (Greek) Medium: Rangoli Powder Size: 11.5*8 (inches) Price: ₹ 350.00

Confidence “Confidence, not cockiness. Knowing who you are is confidence. Cockiness is knowing who you are and pushing it down everyone’s throat.” – Mila Kunis Medium: Watercolour Size: 8*8 (inches) Prize: ₹ 415.00

The Upside Down The flamingo is well-known for its habit of eating with its head upside-down. Sometimes to enjoy life we must learn to take an upside-down perspective. Medium: Watercolour Size: 8*6 (inches) Price: ₹ 265.00

日の出 Hinode Sunrise (Japanese) Medium: Watercolour Size: 10*8 (inches) Price: ₹ 325.00

What is on the other side? Take the risk and chance and open the see what is behind the door. When one door closes a new one always opens!!! Medium: Watercolour Size: 11*8 (inches) Price: ₹ 350.00

Terre The colors represent the different colours of the soil. Soil creates anything and everything from shapes to colors. It is the magic of the soil. (French) Medium: Watercolour Size: 10*8 (inches) each Set of Three Price: ₹ 975.00

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